Evaluate How Others Perceive You
Learn how to create the right image of yourself by taking control of how others see you. Their perception of you will accurately reflect your impact on the organization.
Every day of your life, people are determining what they think of you based on the actions and behaviors they observe from you. This process is the act of perceiving.
While you do not have control over how other view you, you do have control over your actions. Proactively shaping how others perceive you is a key strategy to standing out, gaining credit for your work and, ultimately, advancing your career.
As a leader in helping individuals apply executive coaching concepts for success in the workplace, I’ve have designed the following perception assessment to help you learn how others may think of you at work.
This coaching assessment provides you with the top ten areas you must emphasize to positively influence how others perceive you. As you go through each of the ten areas, notice which ones you are strong at and which ones need improvement.
After taking the assessment below, you will receive feedback directly from me to help you improve your perception so that your impact at work is accurately noted.
Rate yourself from 1 to 5 in the following categories:
• If the left side closely describes you, select a lower number.
• If the right side closely describes you, select a higher number.
• If you fall in between 1 and 5, choose one of the middle numbers.
• Advocates Speak on Your Behalf
• Assigned Highly Visible Projects
• Others Praise You To Your Boss
• The Boss Shares Your Value to His/Her Boss
• Exposed to Influential Corporate Leaders
• Know the Impact Your Have On Others
• Aligned With People Whom Others Respect
• Taken the Lead On a Project
• Influenced the Perception Management Has of You
Submit this form to get a response with personal and executive coaching tips. I’ll review your level of influence readiness and personally respond with suggestions to help you exert your influence right now.