How many ways for you to become noticed right now?
Will you wait till your comfortable to improve?

As the saying goes… “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” These events stay top of the mind because of their impact. The impression they have on us makes them unforgettable. We recognize that when people do something significant, something remarkable happens that is cemented in our memories.

Why This Course Is Important?

Its how we remember Astronauts walking on the moon, athletes competing and such. How can you as an individual stand out just like them! Talent and ability to perform take you only so far.

Be warned: If you don’t proactively leverage and utilize notice-ability, your career will stagnate.

It’s not a documented process anymore. I need to initiate a notice-ability plan so I am noticed, or my career will stall.

Whom Is This Course For?

  • Would you take on that project that everyone else is scared to accept?
  • Would you assume responsibility that is beyond your comfort zone?
  • Would you choose to put your name in the running for that management position?
  • Would you directly express your thoughts and ideas to members of upper management?

Stand Out from the Talent around You

Actively promote yourself as an asset and valuable person inside the organization. Increase your notice-ability to gain others’ recognition and appreciation for your efforts. Be a person of influence who makes key decisions inside the organization.

All three of these areas—confidence, risk taking, and elimination of fear of failure—directly affect you and your mind-set.


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