Are you ready to be coached?

Executive coaching can be a big boost to both your performance and job satisfaction. But before you start working with a coach, you need to ask yourself whether you’re ready to do the work. To truly reap the benefits of coaching you must be able to tolerate discomfort and be open to experimentation.

You’ll need to proactively embrace new ways of behaving, even if these approaches don’t come naturally to you. You also need to be ready and willing to take responsibility for your shortcomings, rather than blaming your organization, your boss, or your team. Deflecting responsibility will stymie your growth; acknowledging your failures will help pave the way for your development.

Finally, it’s essential to ask for support when you need it. You’ll progress faster if you make yourself vulnerable to others, including your boss, peers, and even direct reports. Share goals, ask for advice, listen with curiosity, and most critically, accept and act on the constructive feedback you receive. Making sure you’re ready before engaging with a coach will help you get the most of the relationship.

Coaching techniques – what works for you?

Working on behaviors to implement. From the coaching and reading you’ll do, we’ll design the following practices:

  • Share your experience. To serve as a role model for self-directed learning, share your own learning process and experiences. Discuss the problems you’re working on and ask for ideas on how to resolve them.
  • Ask the right questions. When team members ask you how they should proceed, stimulate their thinking with questions rather than answers. Ask team members to talk you through how they are thinking about work problems and what might help. Ask other people to contribute ideas.
  • Put yourself in their shoes. When you feel frustration at a team member arising within yourself, label the feeling as an opportunity to learn something about leadership. Try considering the situation from their point of view instead of reacting from frustration.
  • Acknowledge achievements. Recognize and praise proactive behavior whenever you see it occurring.

Within a short time, you’ll be able to tell that you’ve made progress if team members are engaging more actively in problem solving on a regular basis. You’ll have a newfound appreciation for the creativity of some employees. If you’ve continued to seek feedback and the team has responded, you should now be able to spend more time clarifying desired outcomes with team members and less time overseeing their work, resulting in a net gain of time and energy. You’ll feel more enthusiastic about leading your team and realize that you have more capacity to develop yourself as a leader than you previously appreciated.

It’s one thing to want to hold a leadership role; it’s another to want to do the deep work that learning to lead entails. Resisting the developmental journey of leadership is like flying to an exciting locale, but then spending your whole time there in the airport bar.

On the other hand, interest in and commitment to continuous learning and development as a leader will keep you fresh and vital. There’s a valley to cross before you reach the peak. And there’s another valley between that peak and the next one. The developmental journey is fascinating and fulfilling if you embrace it.

What I can do for you? 

I believe in coaching with compassion, tuning into the client’s hopes and aspirations, rather coaching for compliance.  I incorporate self-development in my coaching programs in order to help participants create the best possible experience.   This ensures individual development for you with plenty of application. Discover the critical discoveries that drive sustain, desired change, how visioning opens, strengthens and clarifies direction, the generative impact of positive emotions in coaching and how to peel away the defenses and assumptions that impact your ability to change.

I’ll provide the support you need….

Effective coaching requires a skilled coach and a willing coachee. Although no coaching can guarantee results, my proven approach has helped hundreds of clients make intentional change that lasts….

  • Build leadership skills and organizational impact
  • Successfully manage a big transition-promotion, career change, pre-retirement planning
  • Improve wellbeing and work-life balance
  • Enhance business performance

I utilize a framework which is proven to lead to sustained, desired change.  I bring my skill, experience and knowledge to every engagement, helping you craft a plan for development and change. Each engagement includes 1:1 sessions and access to a variety of books, articles and  assessments.

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